The Elevate Program

Elevate; a tool for teachers

Helping other instructors (and soon-to-be instructors) further their teaching is one of my favorite things. You know that elusive feeling when you completely ace a class: The theme lands; the poses feel meaningful; the sequence flows; the students are in synch? That class is magic—it is the unicorn of yoga teaching. I want to help you find that feeling and harness it.

Using your own ideas, creativity and teaching style, I help you craft classes and take your teaching to the next level.

You have everything you need to elevate your own instructing—the knowledge, inspiration and resources. But sometimes class planning still feels like a struggle. Elevate meetings give you accountability, a dedicated time for class planning, and a stockpile of inspiration resources.

What Elevate meetings look like:

We meet at a studio, home, cafe or work space and focus 100% on you as an instructor. We discuss what’s going on in your life and how that impacts your teaching. You’ll build new sequences, test out cues and craft inspired class themes. I’ll coach you to incorporate new poses, words, and transitions into your teaching; No more just reading an inspirational quote at the beginning of class and then teaching the same sequence on autopilot.

Class Planning

  • Learn new ways to structure your classes
  • Choose from class planning worksheets, or get a custom one for you
  • Create classes that you can teach right away

Creative Sequencing

  • Build sequences that flow seamlessly
  • Add new poses to your repertoire. Or add ones you’ve been wanting to teach, but haven’t
  • Teach inventive warm-ups, transitions, and peak postures
  • Create progressive sequences to amp up your teaching and your students’ practice
  • Practice teaching new sequences to gain confidence


  • Get inspired to theme your classes; dive deeper
  • Learn about the different types of theming
  • Incorporate themes seamlessly throughout class
  • Find inspiration in your everyday life
  • Use my inspirations banks and start building your own

There’s always space to get inspired!

Whether you’re just finishing your first training or you’ve completed countless programs, taking time to craft your classes matters. If you’re ready to elevate your teaching and harness your aced-that-class feeling, let’s chat!

If you’re not sure about Elevate and what it would be like for you, send me your thoughts at