Practice Yin Yoga at Home

Yin Yoga gets deep. Poses are held for minutes at a time, using props to get your body into position. Just because the pace is slow doesn’t mean it is simple. Yin Yoga targets deep fascia in the body that gets incredibly tight. Loosening up can be difficult, but the results are worthwhile: increased blood flow, more mobility, greater range of motion, and healthy joints.

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I teach yin classes every week, but you can practice yin at home easily, too. To help you with a home practice, I created this Yin Yoga: First Chakra Focus Pinterest board. If you don’t have standard yoga props, try blankets and pillows. You can mix and match the poses, always paying close attention to how your body is feeling. Also included are mindfulness practices to go along with these First Chakra asanas.

Practicing Yin:

  1. Get into the pose. Use props. Get to a place you can stay still for a while.
  2. Find your edge. You might feel uncomfortable. Pain is not okay; that means your need to change something about the pose. Discomfort is okay; get to a point where the pose is creating change. Over time, it will feel increasingly intense.
  3. Take time. Yin poses should be held from 2-5 minutes typically. Asymmetrical poses should be held for around 2-3 minutes on each side. It takes time for the deep tissues of the body to stretch.
  4. Release gently. Coming out of the pose is just as important as getting into it. Move slowly and be careful bringing movement back into your body. You may need to wiggle a bit after releasing one yin pose before going into the next.

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