Combining Yoga and Airplanes with Art


Once you start practicing yoga, it’s hard not to take it off the mat. What we learn in yoga class goes beyond the physical poses (asana) and the breath.

In my classes, I love to combine yoga themes with inspiration for different aspects of my life. Some sources of constant inspiration for me are:

  • Podcasts, NPR
  • Top music charts
  • Nature
  • Interactions in everyday life
  • My mother
  • Bhagavad Gita passages
  • Body parts or muscle groups
  • Words from other languages that don’t have English translations
  • Novels, books and long-form journalism articles
  • The Chakras

Airplanes inspired me because I love the contrast between their technical approach to flight and the physical/metaphysichal aspect of flight that yoga plays with. To me, both flight and yoga represent a sense of freedom. Technical perfection is an integral component of both, too.

I created a graphic design art series called Taking Flight, inspired by the similarities and differences between yoga practice and airplanes in flight.




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